As active fox hunter Mischa PA1OKZ designed his own interpretation of
the ultimate 2m fox hunt receiver aka the FokzBox (Dutch only) in 2013.

The demand was big and around 250 receivers were succesfully built by
a large diversity of people, including me. Although Mischa ran out of
material and stated being fed up with the project, pressure on him led
to the mysterious discovery that his PCB manufacturer had 25 PCB’s left.

With some effort Mischa managed to collect all components to build
25 receivers and announced an order time frame to the community.
Within a few minutes all 25 receivers were sold.

In practice this means around 25 people are building their FokzBox now.
Sometimes they encounter problems and recently I heard somebody talking
about ‘the picture of PA3FYM’.

To facilitate builders, here it is (click on image to enlarge in a new tab):

FokzBox of PA3FYM (with some mods, but ignore them, PCB is v1.0).