Receiving really weak signals on shortwave remains a challenge and is far from trivial,
especially in noisy Europe.

This year I was one of the few -and sometimes the only- northern hemisphere
station able to receive some balloons, floating above/on the southern hemisphere.

To my astonishment I decoded PS-65, aka VK9WI, this night !

2016-06-01 00:30 VK9WI 10.140257 -25 1 CD07 0.5 PA3FYM2 JO22nf 17608 76

Looking into the database this is the first (and only) European decode since its launch!

Below a map of stations who received VK9WI in the last 24 hours (click to enlarge).

The receiver used is homebrew (description here) and antenna is a 100m long ‘bent’ open Beverage.