In 1992 I built a 23cm transverter consisting of two units:

1. UEK3 clone (we had the PCB layouts then ; -), i.e. 1152 MHz LO with 1296 –> 144 MHz RX converter
using a MGF1302 GaAs fet preamp and CF300 mixer.

2. DJ9HO (sk) ‘UHF Unterlage’ or DD9DU style 144 –> 1296 MHz TX converter (output 500 mW @23cm).

Below pictures of my homebrew units are depicted (click on images to enlarge in new tabs)

UEK3 23cm RX converter (by PA3FYM)       23cm DD9DU ‘UHF Unterlage’ TX converter (by PA3FYM)

This transverter served and worked well for some years with a Mitsubishi M57762 module, delivering ca. 17W out on 23cm.

However, when I moved to Groningen in 1997 the transverter landed in a box and remained there for almost 20 years.

Recently I was philosophizing about a long term project: building a 23cm EME station.
I held the transverter in my hands and thought . . . isn’t there something more state of the art, after ca. 25 years passed by?

Let’s face it  . . . over the past 20 years the world changed. GSM, DCS1800, UMTS and now LTE/4G is common practice.
These applications introduced new lines of RF technologies ‘around 1 GHz’, and here I’m standing with old skool gear in my hands?

In December 2014 Arie PAoEZ (sk) told me he bought a ‘Bulgarian 23cm transverter’.
When he told me I didn’t took much notice because I was more concerned about his health.

Around two months ago my friend Hans PE1CKK confessed he bought the same Bulgarian 23cm transverter and told me:
“Remco, quit the old stuff we used to build long times ago. It’s a nuisance, just buy this Bulgarian transverter and focus your
efforts and attention on other stuff.” <– period.

Google led me to the 23cm transverter from LZ5HP. Just one box with everything in it!
RF output on 23cm is around 2W. LO is generated by a PLL locked oscillatorwith several LO frequencies
and . . .  repeater TX shift (-28 or -6 MHz) !

After pleasant emails with Hristiyan LZ5HP I payed 164€ via Paypal and
received the 23cm transverter after three days by mail (with track & trace).

Below a close up picture of the transverter is depicted (click on image to enlarge in a new tab <- worthwhile! ; -)

LZ5HP ( 144 <–> 1296 MHz transverter.

The transverter is versatile and works fine. After five (5) minutes you’re QRV on 23 !

At this moment of writing the current transverter version is v2.3.
It has the possibility of injecting an external 10 MHz reference signal instead of the internal 26 MHz TCXO.
I have tested this with my 10 MHz Rubidium standard and it works flawlessly.