pa2dw-wb6acu-pg0a-klein.jpgAlso this year Joe Walsh invited me, and a few friends, as VIP to his concert of The Eagles. Last time we did not bring a present and we felt a bit guilty. So this time Dick arranged an old Philips tube for Joe and a tile ‘Delfts Blauw’ to hang up in Joe’s shack to remember us.

Back stage there was tasty food. We were facilitated by Smokey, Joe’s personal assistant, and we reckon Smokey will find a way to transport the tube into The States : -)

Fltr: Dick, PA2DW, Joe WB6ACU and Remco PG0A/PA3FYM.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. The concert was great, the sound sublime and good old times revived!

73, Joe & Smokey!